Our activities for humanity are sustainable

The Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society has provided at all times and continues to provide humanitarian aids, free social-medical services and other necessary assistance to people affected by different natural disasters in our country. Now the National Society has scaled up its humanitarian activities and has become more stronger. This has enabled our National Society to contribute to the development of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement as a whole. Relevant decrees and orders issued by the Head of our state allowed our National Society to become more stronger and developed in our modern time. Care and attention has been provided at all times to our National Society by the President of the Azerbaijan Republic and an honorary member of the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society Mr.Ilham Aliyev. The adopted Law on “The Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society”, the establishment of “The Red Crescent Day” in our country, as well as relevant orders issued by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic may serve as a bright sample to the aforesaid.

As it was in the previous years activities of the National Red Crescent Society have been diverse in 2012 as well. The Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society has successfully implemented different humanitarian projects throughout the country. While implementing these projects the National Society have been supported by relevant government structures. Thanks to that bilateral cooperation we could achieve significant progress in our activities. We have also paid a particular importance and attention to a social sphere in our humanitarian activities. Different projects implemented by us in this direction was aimed at strengthening of promotional activities for the benefit of health of population in the country. Sufficient works have been done in engagement of young people and volunteers into different projects and programs of the National Society. Particularly, our volunteers took an active part in blood donation, first aid, disaster relief activities of the National Society. One of the main directions in the organizational development of our National Society included: development of local branches, increasing the number of the National Society’s members and formalizing local communities. We gave priority to these issues in our daily activities. We have made some achievements in this field as well. This year the number of our members has reached to 300.000 people and the number of our volunteers has reached to 19.000 people. This increase continues.

In recent years the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society had used its full capacity and potential to provide humanitarian aids to people affected by different natural disasters in Azerbaijan. This year an earthquake has occurred in north regions of Azerbaijan including Zagatala and Gakh regions. Many households and houses have been damaged by the earthquake. With relevant order of the Head of our state, all concerned organizations, especially the Ministry for Emergencies of the Azerbaijan Republic performed recovery activities in the affected regions by mobilizing their resources. In a short time after the earthquake new houses have been built and handed over to local people whose houses have been damages or destroyed by the earthquake. Through its local branches the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society also provided necessary assistance to the affected people. All these activities have been coordinated by the Ministry for Emergencies of the Azerbaijan Republic. For such emergency situations, there exists a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry for Emergencies and the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society. There are some projects such as “Safe Playgrounds”, “First Aid”, “Control over TB ill patients” and “Community based health” projects that the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society has deemed them as very important projects and has ensured a sustainability of these projects.

Necessary steps were also taken to develop fundraising activities of the National Society. In accordance with the National Society’s Strategy we gave priority to our fundraising activities. Funds collected from donation boxes are used to provide relevant assistance to elderly chronically ill alone people and other the most vulnerable people.

Sufficient funding is very important for our humanitarian activities. Of course, we have both achievements and challenges in this field. The Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society can implement necessary humanitarian programs at the expense of different donations made to the National Society and by using its membership fees. Therefore, ensuring a diversity of financial sources is one of our main aims identified in our National Society’s Strategic Plan for the years of 2016-2020. I think that to achieve this aim conducting relevant promotional activities among population is required. Each citizen of our country shall know about a purposeful use by the National Society of their donations. Our activities are always transparent.

In conclusion, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all individuals, government and non-government structures, the international organizations, our volunteers and to all those who assists the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society to implement its noble and charity mission in our country.

Dr. Novruz Aslanov

President of the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society

Member of the National Parliament


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