Key Staff


Ramazan Sultanov

Novruz Aslanov
President of Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society,Deputy of Parliament

Gafar Askerzadeh


Rovshan Aliyev 
Head of Administration
DSC_0364Jeyhun Mirzayev
Secretary General

Aziz Gocayev
Head of organizational division /
Vice president

Sabina Mahbubi

Deputy Secretary General

Shaban Shayev
Deputy Secretary General

Khalida Iskandarova
Deputy Secretary General / Head of Youth and Volunteers

Gunel Yusifova
Deputy Secretary General

Naila Jafarova
Head of Finance department


Seymur Humbatov
Head of Information and Public Relations department

Aliaga Abbasov

Head of Humanitarian Aid department

Yegana Nasirova
Head of Human Resourses department

Farid Seyidzadeh
Head of Disaster Preparedness and Disaster Response department

Emil Seyidaliyev
Head of Fundraising department

Mammad Katanov

Head of Migration department

Valeh Maharramov
Head of Logistic department

Leyla Mammadzadeh

Mbuari Mirzazadeh
Head of Tracing service

Turkane Faracova
Chair of Youth Committee

Naila Omarova
Head of International Relations department


Aqayar Huseynov
Head of department working with Regional Center and Local Branches


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