The next training for youth was held


During the recent years the state of Azerbaijan implemented many youth related activities. As a result of these activities a participation of young people in a public life of the Azerbaijan Republic and a role of young people in the management have increased.

In accordance with its youth policy the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society carries out a wide-range promotional activities aimed at increasing knowledge and skills of young people in different fields such as voluntary activity, health and care, first aid, mental health, humanitarian aid, disaster preparedness and response and etc.

Thus, on the 5th of November 2016, the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society held its next training for young people devoted to communication skills. The purpose of the training

was to teach young people to build a communication with other people. 15 students from the Azerbaijan State Culture and Art University, the Azerbaijan Medical University and the Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University participated at the training.

During the training the participants discussed communication problems, the reasons hampering building of proper communication and the ways of solving of these problems.

The participants of the seminar received information on using of words, gestures,  inflexion in time of building communication.

During the seminar the participants worked in groups where they demonstrated their skills of building communication. “Community based health” program coordinator of the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society Matanat Garakhanova gave participants her recommendations on how to build a proper communication.

At the end of the seminar the participants noted an importance and usefulness of the seminar for them and expressed their wishes to participate in the future in seminars devoted to different themes.

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