Round table discussion on combating violence against women was organized.

Round table discussion on combating violence against women was held at Social Work faculty of the Azerbaijan University.  Among participants of round table discussion were international (adviser of “Development of Social Service Provision in Azerbaijan” project Herbert Paulish) and local experts. “Community based health” program coordinator Matanat Garakhanova represented the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society at round table discussion. The representatives of different governmental and non-governmental organizations participating at round table discussion discussed cases of violence against women often observed in society and the ways of elimination of these cases. Also, theoretical discussions on the scope of violence against women in the world including Azerbaijan and necessary measures for reducing violence were held among participants.

Discussion was held around incident with a young lady who affected a domestic violence in a family where representatives of three generations lived in the same house. The experts had discussed this incident comprehensively trying to find better ways for solving of similar problems. The experts also gave their recommendation for solving of similar incidents.

At the end of round table discussion participants with badges (white color ribbon on orange background symbolizing combating violence against women) photographed together.

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