Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society and the International Committee of the Red Cross jointly organized training sessions to Emergency Mobile Volunteer Teams

In period 5-10 February 2017 with arrangement and support of the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society (AzRC) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) training sessions on Mental Health/ Psychosocial Support, First Aid and Weapon Contamination topics were carried out by speicalists of both institutions  to 26 members of Emergency Mobile Volunteer Teams.  The purpose was to give members of these teams certain relevant knowledge and skills, which they will be able to timely apply to support suffered, injured people, community members in time of emergencies.

Volunteers preliminary selected and invited from four districts like Gazax, Agdam, Terter and Fizuli to participate at the event organized at Barda district Prince Hotel were acquainted with training rules and topics as well as learned how to work as a team, actively participated at the working groups, desktop excersises. During excersises teams were able to choose liders who followed their teams almost till the end of the event.

It should be mentioned that carried out training sessions are continution of the series of other sessions organized in period 15-18 January 2017 by the AzRC and ICRC on following topics: Assessment (Very Rapid, Rapid, Detailed and Monitoring), Distribution, Operational Communication and Restoring Family Links.

Concerning all above mentioned topics it was explained that in nearest future given knowledge and skills are planned to be checked through organizing simulation excersises. At the same time applying to all team members it was adviced to them to use the opportunity and from time to time recall all given information by means of carrying out joint meetings, small scale events where all given knowledge and skills could be used and also keep already established team spirit.

At the end of the training sessions the AzRC Deputy Secretary General Sabina Mahbubi-Iran on behalf of organization expressed gratitude to the ICRC leadership and staff members for fruitful cooperation and providing relevant assitance and support in orgaizing such kind of events.

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