Discussing training planned to be carried out within “Building Safe and Resilient Communities” project

Since 2012 until present the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society (AzRC) implements “Building Safe and Resilient Communities” project with financial and technical support of Austrian Development Agency and Austrian Red Cross in Ismayilli and Gusar districts of the Azerbaijan Republic. The main purpose of the project is to contribute to sustainable development and poverty reduction by increasing resilience of population living in areas most prone to and affected by natural hazards in Azerbaijan. More specifically the project provides resilience of targeted rural and urban communities vulnerable towards natural disasters, enhance and clarify sustainable strengthening within communities.  The AzRC takes responsibility, within its own context, to deliver services on a reliable basis, which are supported by data collection and analysis of the needs and vulnerabilities of its targeted communities in order to reduce vulnerability and increase resilience. Within the project number of various events, training sessions, seminars, round tables, meetings and small mitigation projects has been implemented among AzRC staff and volunteers and at community based level.

The main purpose of the training sessions and seminars is to increase and update knowledge and skills. Thus following this direction the AzRC organized next training on 6th of March at its Sumgayit Regional Center (RC) level with participation of programme managers from the Headquarters, Sumgayit RC Coordinator, Ismayilli and Qusar local branches chairmen and deputy chairmen as well as volunteers. Topics used were Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA).

Before the training at the level of the AzRC Headquarters “Building Safe and resilient Communities” project team (Project Coordinator, Project Coordinator’s Assistant, Project Manager) organized meeting with several programme managers (Youth and Volunteers, Working with Regional Centers and Local Branches, Communication and Public Relations, Psychosocial support, Humanitarian Aid, Logistics). The aim of this meeting was to carry out training preparedness work, clarify participants and venue of the training as well as distribute topics among facilitators of the training. The main direction of the discussion was Capacity building, adaptation within DRR and CCA and finding out role of the AzRC programs.

Thus as it was planned training on Capacity building, adaptation within DRR and CCA and finding out role of the AzRC programs was carried out on 6th of March at the Sumgayit RC. Sumgayit RC Coordinator Matanat Mahharamova welcomed participants and wished all the best to the participants of the training and expressed willingness that such kind of events will be regularly organized. Project Cordinator Elshan Salimzadeh clarified the direction of the event by addressing to the participants and relying on the topics. AzRC programme managers-facilitators of the training underlined in their speeches importance of analyzing role of leading spheres, existing opportunities (structure, certain documents, strength of youth and volunteers, correct organization and humanitarian activity, improving logistics system, relationships with partners, information, correct communication, existence of network, psychological condition), there improvement in regard with capacity building.

Participants actively involved into the discussions, expressed their opinion and gave necessary suggestions. Event was followed with demonstration of presentatitions.

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