World Health Day was celebrated on the 7th of April

7th of April is the World Health Day. In 2017, the slogan of 7 April: World Health Day was “Depression. Let’s talk”. On this day the public’s attention was attracted to supporting the people who live with depression and struggle with the stigma issues. According to the Worldwide Health Organization, 300 million people live in a state of depression in the world and it shows 18% of increase in comparison to 2005. Depression has a negative impact on health and disability; thereby it has been identified as the main cause leading to the growth of the global diseases. Women are more affected by depression than men. Depression leads to suicide at the end. There are effective treatment methods of depression.

Every year within the “community based health” program, the educational events are organized by AzRC devoted to this day. So, on the 7th of April 2017, UNCHR has organized the workshop on the topic of “Depression. Let’s talk” for the migrants in the “Women and Youth” center. Meanwhile, on the 8th of April 2017, it organized the workshop for the medical course students in the “Free Time” center situated in Bakikhanov, Sabuncu district. Totally 52 people attended the workshops. AzRC’s “Community based health” program coordinator, Matanat Qarakhanova shared the data of the Worldwide Health Organization about depression in the form of presentation and answered the questions of the participants. The participants asked for the organization of psychological counseling by the specialist psychologist in the future.

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