“First Aid” training sessions were held among village communities of Goranboy, Agdam and Terter regions

From 10 to 15 April 2017, the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society with the financial and technical support of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) conducted “First Aid” training sessions among communities in Tap-Garagoyunlu village of Goranboy region, Mirashelli, Akhmedagali, Sarijali, Chamanli, Chiragli villages of Agdam region and Gapanli, Gazyan and Gaynag villages of Terter region. These training sessions were conducted by 8 First Aid trainers of Agdam, Terter, Fizuli and Goranboy local branches of the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society. ICRC Health and First Aid, Cooperation teams, Deputy Executive Secretary of the AzRC Sabina Mahbubi-Iran and First Aid trainer Dr.Shahin Bilenderli observed these all sessions and gave their recommendations. At the same time ICRC representatives distributed posters on safe behavior to all participants and gave them relevant explanations about posters.

It should be mentioned that before training sessions as a part of preparation process representatives of both organizations paid visits to the regions, met with community group members and explained in details the purpose of further planned events.

As result 180 community members from 9 villages (12 persons in each of 15 groups) were trained on first aid during the two days Fist Aid training sessions. The participants of the training were informed about an importance of examination of a place of accident and injured person in terms of safety and security, trained on topics like bleedings, wounds, burns, fractures, poisonings, proper transportation and evacuation of the injured person and etc.

The trainers endeavored to involve more participants into practical trainings and teach them how to put a bandage, to use available dressing materials and to stop bleedings. The participants were also explained that in addition to providing first aid it is also very important to stabilize a psychological state of the affected person and to ensure a safe condition for the affected person to be able to do relevant support.

At the end of First Aid trainings First Aid kits prepared by the ICRC were given to all participants, village municipality, representatives of schools and kindergartens.

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