Seminar on “Child health” was held

Adhering to its mission the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society continues to organize different medical-social and humanitarian events for the most vulnerable people. The National Society pays much attention to organizing of promotional-educational events among the population in the country.

The Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society holds these events in cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations in Azerbaijan. One of partners of the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society is “SOS – Children Villages” agency. For many years this organization has been providing support and different services to children from vulnerable families in Azerbaijan.

Thus, on the 25th of July 2017, the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society together with “SOS – Children Villages” organization held a seminar on “Child health” for mothers of children in educational and upbringing institutions. During the seminar “Community based health” program coordinator of the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society Matanat Garakhanova informed participants about an importance of physical and mental health of children, factors affecting child development, to where the mothers should address if difficulties arise. The facilitator of the seminar Matanat Garakhanova also replied to questions of concern to participants and gave her recommendations on child development.

The participants of the seminar stressed usefulness of such kind of promotional seminars for them. At the end of the seminar booklets on “Care for a child fallen sick” produced by the National Society were distributed to participants of the seminar.

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