The role of psycho-social support in the treatment of tuberculosis ill patients

It is known that a life quality of a person depends on meeting of a number of needs of that person. Respect for a person, providing care and attention to a person is among those important needs. When a person fell ill, he/she needs not only medicines and food but also a care and attention.

During the recent years the staff of the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society involved in the National Society’s “Community based health care” program has gained a large experience while implementing psycho-social activities for patients ill with severe forms of tuberculosis and nurses caring for them. Therefore, the medical staff and nurses of the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society actively participate in activities towards combating tuberculosis in the country.

Activities of the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society in the filed of combating tuberculosis in 2017 included: organization of promotional-educational seminars and meetings on tuberculosis for tuberculosis ill patients and nurses caring for them, conducting surveys on tuberculosis. During these meetings tuberculosis ill patients mentioned an importance of providing psycho-social support to them. They said that this kind of support encourages them to continue their treatment. During these meeting the medical staff of the AzRC also evaluate a psychological state of nurses caring for patients ill with severe forms of tuberculosis such as MDR-TB, XDR-TB and give their recommendations to them. Taking into account of the need of TB ill patients for humanitarian assistance the National Society also provides this assistance to TB ill patients within the limits of its possibility. The Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society calls on every person including different organizations to take an active part in providing psycho-social support and humanitarian assistance to TB ill patients, their family members and nurses caring for TB ill patients.P1090863P1090954

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