“Safe return from home to school and from school to home” project is successfully continued

Primary objective of Youth and Volunteers department is indicated in the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society’s Strategic Plan for 2016-2020 as follows:  “To strengthen youth and volunteers management system and thereby to increase efficiency of voluntary service rendered to socially vulnerable people and people in need of care”.

Youth Committee together with Youth and Volunteers, Disaster Preparedness and Response departments of the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society involves youth and volunteers into activities aimed at teaching road safety, road traffic rules and preventing road-traffic accidents and injures related with it, as well as teaching young people how to provide Fist Aid to people injured in road-traffic accidents.

As you know the Embassy of Lithuania in Azerbaijan has recently presented school bags to 1st and 2nd grades pupils of a secondary school in Dash Salahli village of Gazakh district. Road-traffic signs have been described on those school bags. Taking this into account there have been organized trainings on road-traffic rules for 280 school children of Dash Salahli village. Such kind of trainings are also being organized in other secondary schools of Gazakh district.

Taking this opportunity the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society wishes to thank all those who supported the organization of trainings on road safety and traffic rules for school children.

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