Public advocacy is one of important issues in combating tuberculosis

Combating TB is one of the priority activities of the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society in the field of health. In this regard the National Society is actively involved in combating TB activities conducted in the country.

Since 2011 Azerbaijan is a member of TB Europe Coalition. Like in other countries of the world public advocacy for combating TB activities is one of important areas in Azerbaijan.

In this connection, a training on “Public advocacy in the area of tuberculosis” was organized for representatives of mass media and civil society organizations. The aim of the training was to increase knowledge and skills on TB related public advocacy, to establish and develop contacts with decision makers responsible for TB in order to eliminate barriers and challenges faced in the transition to outpatient treatment model of the targeted groups of population, strengthening close cooperation with the representatives of mass media to achieve delivery of messages on TB related stigma to the general public. In addition, during the training a broad presentation including information on TB prevention and treatment was made. This training was organized by “Saglamliga Khidmet” public union which is a partner of a civil society in TB-REP Azerbaijan.

The representatives from different mass media, NGOs, the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society’s “Community based health” program coordinator Matanat Garakhanova and am employee of “Migration” department of the AZRC Sona Hajiyeva participated at the training. The representatives of the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society participating at the training informed about activities of their National Society in combating tuberculosis in the country. At the end of the training all participants received relevant certificate.

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