Promotional event on “Combating Human Trafficking” was held in a secondary school in Terter district

According to Agreement on Cooperation existing between the Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic, the International Organization for Migration and the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society promotional seminars on “Combating Human Trafficking” are being held in educational institutions throughout the country. These seminars are being held by the staff of Terter distirct branch of the AzRC in educational institutions and secondary schools in Terter district.

On 9 January 2018, with organizational support of Terter district  branch of the AzRC there was held a promotional event on “Combating Human Trafficking” in a secondary school in Terter district. Chairperson, staff and active volunteers of Terter district branch of the AzRC, a teaching staff and pupils of the above-mentioned secondary school participated at the event.

In his opening speech a chairman of Terter district branch of the AzRC Ehtibar Heydarov informed about activities of the AzRC, an importance of the theme of the event, measures taken to combat human trafficking in the world including Azerbaijan. The participants were also informed about services operating in the country in order to provide support to victims of human trafficking and to raise awareness of population on human trafficking.

During the event volunteers of Terter district branch of the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society made a presentation on “Who can be a victim of human trafficking?” and “To what factors attention should be paid in order to avoid of becoming a victim of human trafficking”. The presentation was based on a slide show.

During the event a video-clip on “Human trafficking” was demonstrated. The topic of “Combating Human Trafficking” was discussed with participation of school children. Replies were given to different questions of concern of the participants of the event.

At the end of the event volunteers of Terter district branch of the AzRC distributed booklets on “Combating Human Trafficking” to school children.

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